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The Benefits of Window Treatment

window curtainsWhat’s a window treatment? Window treatment is an element in interior decorating. It is the most common interior decorating that homemakers do. Do you ever wonder why your mom makes all the fuss with curtains or blinds or generally termed, window treatment? It actually offers many benefits as follows:

Privacy. One of the major reasons for doing window treatment is to afford some form of privacy. If you have large windows, bypassers and neighbors can easily snoop around on your activities. By installing appropriate window treatments, you get the privacy that you need without totally blocking the sunshine to pass through the window.

Limit the light that comes through the window. There are instances that too much light is not good. These instances are when you came from a night shift work and you need to sleep or you are working all day with the computer. The glare from the computer as well as the glare from the sun streaming through the windows can hurt your eyes and window treatment is just the solution for limiting the light that goes through the window.

Improve the overall appearance of a room. Window treatment can be in the form of curtains, blinds and shutters. These window treatments bring with it different styles and design to one’s room. Depending on the homeowner’s choice, it will greatly improve the appearance of a room.

Conserve energy. When you have lots of electronic equipment at home and the sun is shining through your window, do you notice how easily your electronic equipment heats up? By drawing the curtains to limit or block that heat coming from the window, you are also blocking the heat that can easily heat up your electronics, which consequently can raise your power usage.

Depending on the type of window you have, most of the time, you only need to call your mom to decide what is needed for your window. If you want to make sure, you can always consult an interior designer.

Cost Effective Decision Making in Choosing London Window Blinds and Curtain

window blindsRemodeling your house involves making the right choice. Factors such as cost, time frame and applicability are just some of the things that need consideration. Here’s some information that will help you decide cost effectively.

When you move in to your new house, it was the ideal house for you. However, when kids start to grow and leave the house, it seemed a very spacious place. In today’s rise in economic costs, remodeling the house to fit your needs will definitely make a dent on your budget. Consequently, there are people who decide on remodeling only a part of the house. The question is, will you include the windows in remodeling?

Ancestral houses need to be remodeled through the course of time, especially if fewer people live in it. There is a traditional saying on old houses: when few people live in it, that it is mostly quiet, termites destroy the house. The noisier the kids are, the stronger the house is. When children grow and move away from home to start their own life, couples are left with their own house. There are some parts of the house that you will hesitate to remodel since it signifies an important event in your life, such as a child’s room, as well as the family room.

Most of the old houses that were built have windows that are not within the standard size. This creates a dilemma for the interior decorators. What to do? Which is most cost-efficient? Order made to measure blinds or asked for an eyelet curtain pole installed?

The advantages are almost at par with each other it is difficult to decide. Made to measure blinds are a bit costly. However, when you take a look at the installed blinds in your room or office, you’ll feel satisfied with your choice. In addition, as the installation staff finishes with installing the blinds, you will learn more on hot it can be easily maintained. If you have the blinds custom-made to fit the windows, there will be no trouble of having to move it out of the way in order to open a window or a glass door. Since it perfectly fits the window, there will be no fuss in opening it. Plus, it comes in different colors and styles that will fit your taste.

On the other hand, eyelet curtain poles are easier to install. There are a variety of curtain poles that are available in the market. Some are made of wood and iron while some are a combination of synthetic materials with accents of either crystal, gold and carved wood at the end to hold the curtain. Once installed, the only succeeding job you need to do is find the right curtain, insert the rod through the curtain eyelet, put it back on the fixture and you’re done!

The difference in these two types of window treatment is cost. The made to measure blinds may cost you more than the eyelet curtain poles. Another difference is, once installed the made to measure blinds needs no maintenance aside from occasional dusting and wiping. On the contrary, the eyelet curtain pole, though easier to install and much readily available will need curtains replaced every once in a while. Of course, you need to have the curtains washed.

One difference that I believe will be the deciding factor is versatility. With custom-made blinds, you should be careful in deciding which color of blinds you would want to be installed. Once installed and you want it replaced, it would mean another fitting. Inversely, eyelet curtain poles that come in silver, gold, copper and wood are versatile and readily adapts to your room fixtures. Curtain prints and style are the elements that will affect the design of the overall impact of the room in relation to your room furniture.